Announcing WinBIND for anyone using BIND on Windows

Richard T.A. Neal richard at
Mon Mar 1 14:03:46 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I mentioned a while ago that I run BIND on Windows and have written a few tools to assist me in monitoring and reporting on my BIND query logs. I'm pleased to announce that I've now packaged these and released them as free to use, with the unimaginative name of "WinBIND".

WinBIND consists of a Windows service which parses and uploads BIND query logs to a specified SQL Server on a schedule. It includes a few additional niceties such as maintaining a pair of Windows Firewall rules to try and mitigate the participation of a Windows BIND server in a DNS DDoS attack against an unsuspecting victim, along with some useful reports on usage. It is my intention to continue developing the tool and adding features as I need them.

For more information, or to download a copy of WinBIND, please visit my site at the link below. This site also contains some guides for installing and maintaining BIND on Windows.

My thanks to Vicky for also including links to my site on the BND resources page of the ISC website.

Any feedback from fellow BIND on Windows users would be warmly welcomed, obviously off-list.



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