Zone set for dynamic updating isn't updating

Bruce Johnson johnson at Pharmacy.Arizona.EDU
Thu Mar 4 18:59:30 UTC 2021

We have one zone set for Active directory to update dynamically that has stopped doing so.

Someone manually updated the zone without doing a freeze/thaw and the host that was added wasn’t properly resolving. What I found looking for a solution was to freeze the zone, delete the .jnl file, update the serial #, then thaw the zone. That got lookup working properly again, but now the zone is not longer updating. I found a bunch of errors about permissions denied

Mar  2 14:00:30 example named[42659]: etc/DynZone.Hosts.jnl: create: permission denied

I created the file and chowned it to named

but it hasn’t been written to:

-rw-r--r--. 1 root  root  108578 Feb 22 09:43 DynZone.Hosts
-rw-rw-r--. 1 named named      0 Mar  2 14:01 DynZone.Hosts.jnl

I know that there have been new hosts added that should have been updated in that zone.

It was working before the incident so I don’t think it’s a permissions issue, but I could well be wrong.

Unfortunately I can’t really find any info on what the permissions SHOULD be for the bind config and files.

Another clue that permissions are wrong, is that any time I’ve tried to set up logging directives in named.conf restarting it results in a failure due to permissions; but as I mentioned, it was working until recently.

This is the zone config in named.conf:

zone “" {
   type master;
   file “etc/DynZone.Hosts";
   check-names ignore;
   allow-update {"trusted";};

The trusted acl is a list of our (name) vlans, but checking the config syntax with named-checonf -z shows all are properly loading, and the zone transfers after the manual update did work.

Bruce Johnson
University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy
Information Technology Group

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