Authority and forwarding, but not recursion/iteration

Tony Finch dot at
Tue Mar 9 21:21:49 UTC 2021

Marki <bind-users at> wrote:
> Concerning static-stub: Using a (bogus) forwarder together with "forward
> first" (default) seems to work (Note: using "forward only" gives SERVFAIL).
> All outside requests get a SERVFAIL even with "forward first" but that's an
> esthetic problem.

Yes, SERVFAIL is ugly - I should have mentioned that.

> I'm not sure about the flexibility of RPZ; it doesn't seem that I can
> have rules like "client is allowed to look up but
> client is not".

You can have multiple response-policy zones, which are matched in the
order they are listed in the configuration. You could perhaps have a zone
listed early that uses RPZ-CLIENT-IP triggers and a PASSTHRU policy for
non-sandboxed clients, then have a zone containing QNAME triggers (with
liberal use of wildcards) and PASSTHRU policy (again) for just the
permitted internal names, and finally a catch-all zone (wildcard to match
any qname) with an NXDOMAIN policy to deny external names for sandboxed
clients. (You can equally well combine the first two into a single zone,
depending on whether you want more single-purpose RPZs or fewer
multi-purpose ones.)

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