managed-keys-error since BIND-9.16.15

Mark Andrews marka at
Mon May 3 05:52:32 UTC 2021

I suspect we missed a auto detection case.  Can you open ticket on  We will need to see the journal and
whatever else was logged at the same time.

That said "named-journalprint -u /var/named/slave/" should fix the issue.  Only run this when named
is stopped.

> On 3 May 2021, at 15:31, Tom <lists at> wrote:
> I see the same error also on a couple of slave zones on a updated authoritative server, not only on the "managed-keys.bind"-file. So this is also not critical and can be ignored?
> 03-May-2021 00:20:28.532 general: error: /var/named/slave/ journal file corrupt: expected serial 2021050100, got 2021050300
> 03-May-2021 00:20:28.532 general: error: zone dns_journal_compact failed: unexpected error
> Thank you.
> Kind regards,
> Tom
> On 01.05.21 08:52, Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Named should automatically correct this error. The journal version was not updated when the transaction header was updated. This has been corrected and named detects the unexpected transaction header and writes out a corrected journal.

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