REST API for recursive queries

Tony Finch dot at
Wed May 5 13:19:14 UTC 2021

Roee Mayerowicz <roee at> wrote:

> I have ~700k (and growing) domain names that should be resolved daily.
> I'm trying to make it efficient as possible using the recursive BIND
> server (do you know a better option?), the goal is to get 2000 queries
> per second with minimum server\s cost.

I do bulk lookups on that kind of scale when I am preparing a recursive
server to go into production. I use this small (250 line) program as a
front end to adns that works the way I like. It can easily manage
thousands of queries per second.

(That URL may stop working within the next few months because we're moving
to GitLab and my old git server will be shut down, though I would like to
find somewhere to host redirection tombstones...)

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