ISC Bind as secondary to Windows Server: bad bitmap error on named xfer.

Tony Finch dot at
Tue May 11 21:23:41 UTC 2021

Stoffel, John (TAI) <John.Stoffel at> wrote:

> failed while receiving responses: bad bitmap
> None of my googling has given me any hints on what this error could be.

I had to look at the source, which told me it's to do with NXT records
which are super obsolete, so I wonder what weird stuff is in the zone that
might cause this.

(The NXT record was a predecessor of NSEC; NXT was badly designed so it is
unable to support all possible DNS RR types, which is why it needed

$ rg 'bad bitmap'
lib/dns/result.c:137:	"bad bitmap",	     /*%< 94 DNS_R_BADBITMAP */
lib/dns/include/dns/result.h:132:#define DNS_R_BADBITMAP		(ISC_RESULTCLASS_DNS + 94)
lib/dns/rdata/generic/nxt_30.c:154:		return (DNS_R_BADBITMAP);
lib/dns/result.c:137:	"bad bitmap",	     /*%< 94 DNS_R_BADBITMAP */
lib/dns/result.c:278:	"DNS_R_BADBITMAP",

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