Inline signing fails dnsviz test - STILL [LONG]

G.W. Haywood bind at
Sun May 16 10:33:18 UTC 2021

Hi there,

On Sun, 16 May 2021, Dan Egli wrote:

> ... I'm aware of the servers not responding. Noting I can 
> do about that. They CLAIM I've had over 300k requests in the last couple 
> of weeks and have exceeded my monthly cap. I say Bull Crap ...

I'd be inclined to believe them, but you could monitor the traffic
directly e.g. with tcpdump.  If you can't agree their numbers then
you're some information, I'd be dissatisfied with that.

But FWIW I've no complaints about the service from Hurricane Electric.

> Meanwhile, I found that the google nameservers are currently not working 
> either. I can query my domain at places like and no 
> problem. But if I query at or I get servfail even though 
> I have completely disabled DNSSEC for this zone.

Something somewhere seems, er, unusual.

Your problems aren't being compounded by some dumb firewall are they?

Some long TTL?

Just shootin' the fish, I don't know nearly as much about this stuff
at the guys already helping you.



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