BIND 9 ARM, html/pdf not in the source?

Chuck Aurora ca at
Sun May 16 19:50:27 UTC 2021

I was about to reply to some other post on this list, when I
needed to look something up to be sure about it, and I looked in
my local OS (Slackware) documentation directory for the BIND 9
ARM.  It's there in what appears to be a format for the Sphinx
documentation builder, but no longer shipped in HTML nor PDF.
See doc/arm/ in the source code.

The README still says this:


The BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual is included with the source
distribution, in DocBook XML, HTML, and PDF format, in the doc/arm

This no longer appears to be the case, going back several minor
versions.  I don't know exactly how far, but at least through the
9.16.11 release, which is what I had installed at the start of my
quest today.  (I have 9.16.15 now.)

I guess the Sphinx processing should be done prior to generating
the tarball, is that correct?

Said README also says for reporting bugs to use Gitlab, but without
a Gitlab account I did not readily see how to do this.  Are Gitlab
accounts for bug reports now?  Can you accept one from someone who
does not have a Gitlab account?  Does bugs at no longer work
for bug reporting?

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