BIND 9 ARM, html/pdf not in the source?

Chuck Aurora ca at
Sun May 16 20:20:06 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-16 14:59, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> yes, the generated documentation is no longer part of sources, but you
> can read the rst files used to generate documentation - those are just
> plain text files with little extra markup.

Yes, I saw that.  But the HTML markup is super nice to go to
hyperlinked settings and related documentation sections.  Will
the HTML documentation no longer be available at all, other
than to access it online?

(I'm currently in a bandwidth-limited ISP, so I try to limit
such things.  Fiber is ordered and coming soon!  Yay!  Those
of you who know me and where I live will understand how cool
and amazing this is. :) )

(But even with fiber and unlimited high speed connections, I
like having documentation on my trusty old laptop.)

> Also yes, you need ISC GitLab account to create new issues (unless
> it’s a security vulnerability then OpenPGP encrypted email is
> accepted). We need to interact with the reporters from the issue and
> we think this is a reasonable requirement.

FWIW I do not agree.  I don't get why a free software project
would shut out input from non-users of a third-party service.
Email works since forever.  But then, you're not shutting out
input, as we did settle this through the mailing list. :)

> The has to be reviewed and fixed, but I guess you don’t need
> to fill the issue for this.

Thank you for the reply, Ondřej, much appreciated.

>> On 16. 5. 2021, at 21:50, Chuck Aurora <ca at> wrote:
... and sorry, I missed a word here:

>> Said README also says for reporting bugs to use Gitlab, but without
>> a Gitlab account I did not readily see how to do this.  Are Gitlab
>> accounts for bug reports now?  Can you accept one from someone who
            ^ required
>> does not have a Gitlab account?  Does bugs at no longer work
>> for bug reporting?

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