New BIND releases are available: 9.11.32, 9.16.16, and 9.17.13

Anand Buddhdev anandb at
Thu May 20 14:38:26 UTC 2021

On 20/05/2021 00:06, Michael McNally wrote:

Hi ISC people,

> RELEASE-NOTES-bind-9.16.16.html

I was just reading the release notes, and noticed:

"The default value of the max-ixfr-ratio option was changed to
unlimited, for better backwards compatibility in the stable release series."

Thank you for this. Just yesterday, I was looking at XFRs between BIND
9.16.15, and a downstream Knot DNS server, which kept getting AXFRs
instead of IXFRs. I was going to open an issue about this in GitLab.
However, upgrading to 9.16.16 restored the previous (expected) behaviour.


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