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Thu May 27 16:28:06 UTC 2021


you need to post full config.log, not just snippet of the console. But I would suggest to look into the config.log first.

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> On 27. 5. 2021, at 17:12, Rick Dicaire <kritek at> wrote:
> Now another problem comes up and I hope someone here can help me. The Configure process now produces the message:
> checking for OPENSSL... yes
> checking for OpenSSL >= 1.0.0 or LibreSSL >= 2.7.0... yes
> checking for OPENSSL_init_ssl... no
> checking for OPENSSL_init_crypto... no
> checking for CRYPTO_zalloc... no
> checking for EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new... no
> checking for EVP_CIPHER_CTX_free... no
> checking for EVP_MD_CTX_new... no
> checking for EVP_MD_CTX_free... no
> checking for EVP_MD_CTX_reset... no
> checking for HMAC_CTX_new... no
> checking for HMAC_CTX_free... no
> checking for HMAC_CTX_reset... no
> checking for HMAC_CTX_get_md... no
> checking for SSL_read_ex... no
> checking for SSL_peek_ex... no
> checking for SSL_write_ex... no
> checking for BIO_read_ex... no
> checking for BIO_write_ex... no
> checking for SSL_CTX_up_ref... no
> checking for SSL_CTX_set_min_proto_version... no
> checking for ECDSA_sign... no
> configure: error: in `/root/tools/software/bind-9.17.13':
> configure: error: ECDSA support in OpenSSL is mandatory.
> But with the command "openssl ciphers -v 'ALL:COMPLEMENTOFALL' | grep ECDSA" I get several lines with ECDSA. What could be the reason for this?
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