BIND9 Feature Request: inheritance-policy

JW λ John Woodworth jw at
Thu May 27 17:52:11 UTC 2021

Greetings, I would like to request a new feature which I hope will make management of the 'allow' match-lists a tad easier.In short, an option such as 'allow-transfer' in view or zone contexts could extend the match-list as defined in the options section.  This would flow from options->view->zone.This could minimize some of the duplication when the same set of servers are used at lower levels in the config.Additionally, a 'reset' flag would set the policy within its context, while clearing the accumulated list prior to setting the match-list in that context.Below is a proposed ABNF:inheritance-policy "{" 1*policy "};"reset      =  "reset"rule       =  "allow-query"rule       =/ "allow-query-cache"rule       =/ "allow-notify"rule       =/ "allow-transfer"rule       =/ "allow-update"rule       =/ "allow-update-forwarding"rule       =/ "also-notify"policy     =  rule "replace" *1reset ";"policy     =/ rule "extend" *1reset ";"Best regards, John
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