BIND9 Feature Request: inheritance-policy

JW λ John Woodworth jw at
Thu May 27 22:35:30 UTC 2021

Thanks Tony!This is essentially what we do today.  In fact, I was ecstatic when acl's were finally able to be used for all address match-lists.However, (and I realize this not a common use case) with over 150,000 zones -- some in multiple views, with different sets of rules (e.g., allow-query, etc.).  Even with short 3-5 character acl's, repeating them every few lines will make the file grow...a lot, and I expect to be at around 250,000 zones fairly soon.I understand I could play hide-the-body and stuff the acl's into include file(s), but this level of duplication has bothered me for a while I and was hoping for something a little more elegant.Having said this, your suggestion holds true and is appreciated!Thanks,John
-------- Original message --------> From: Tony Finch <dot at>> You can sort of do what you want already, by defining> named ACLs. ACLs can refer to named ACLs: you can> include a named ACL or exclude it.Tony.-- f.anthony.n.finch  <dot at dotat.at to the benefit of all
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