Any interest in a write-up showing how to configure BIND 9.17x with DoH and LetsEncrypt?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Sun May 30 18:23:31 UTC 2021

On 5/30/21 9:24 AM, Richard T.A. Neal wrote:
> I spent a little time this weekend setting-up BIND 9.17.13 on Ubuntu 
> 21.04 and configuring the system as a recursive resolver offering DNS 
> over HTTPS using a LetsEncrypt certificate.

Nice work.

> Is there any interest in me writing this up as a web article, or has 
> everyone who’s interested in DoH already got it running comfortably in 
> their test environment?


I would be /very/ interested in reading such a write up.

If you do write it up, please share where you publish your write up.

Grant. . . .
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