Recommendations for replacing a master server without breaking DNSSEC

Ralph Seichter ralph at
Fri Nov 26 18:12:58 UTC 2021

* Tony Finch:

> I think a procedure like this is a good way to migrate a primary
> server if the old and new servers are run by the same people [...]

After reading your message I think that we used pretty much the same
approach, although I am fortunate for not having to work under time
pressure. I have since started from scratch, once again, with a more
relaxed mindset, and this time the migration was successful.

I don't know what I did differently compared to my initial tests. Maybe
there was some oversight on my end. Also, instead of copying files once
beforehand, I used "rsync" between Alpha and Beta whenever I made a
change. In any case, I guess all is well that ends well. ;-)


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