A good name for development branch releases package

Ondřej Surý ondrej at isc.org
Tue Nov 30 18:19:22 UTC 2021

I quite like the nginx naming - stable and mainline.

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> On 30. 11. 2021, at 16:10, Petr Menšík <pemensik at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello BIND users,
> I would like to add a new package of recent BIND9 development release to
> Fedora [1] distribution. Current "bind" package contains build of stable
> branch 9.16.x release. I think it would be good to keep stable releases
> available in Fedora. We still use just bind without 9 suffix.
> Theoretically another "bind9" could contain more recent releases. But I
> would like to reserve it for current bind package.
> One alternative would be using major version in package name. But I
> think one the latest stable release one the latest development releases
> would be always enough. bind package should be updated when 9.18.0 is
> released. I think development package should follow and upgrade to
> 9.19.0 as soon as possible. I would prefer single development package
> rolling with major development releases.
> COPR repository of ISC uses "bind9-dev" name. Would you recommend that
> name? I kind of like it. Slight disadvantage of this name is similarity
> with development headers subpackage, which uses common suffix "-devel"
> on Fedora. Development headers are still needed by bind-dyndb-ldap
> plugin. It uses bind-devel package now, similar alternative of
> development release would be "bind9-dev-devel". It does look like strange.
> Would you help me with a better proposal? What do you think about it? I
> don't expect development releases to ever reach Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> directly, but it might be build as Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux
> with community support.
> I don't want to support installation of both stable and development
> packages on single system. It would conflict and only one would have to
> be choosen.
> Is there any distribution offering already two releases at the same
> time? Would you have some idea, how should it be called? Do you like
> "bind9-dev" base name?
> Regards,
> Petr
> 1. https://getfedora.org
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