BIND 8.2.1 not handling NXDOMAIN as per auth-nxdomain?

Brad Knowles brad at
Tue Aug 31 06:52:59 UTC 1999

At 8:53 PM -0700 1999/8/30, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> this is how negative caching works.  wait 10 minutes and try it again.

	There's got to be something *way* deeper here than that, because 
my initial reaction was exactly the same.  But people like Greg don't 
tend to miss things like this, so now I'm left wondering what the 
heck I've missed and how far beyond my measly knowledge of BIND 
everyone else is.

	I always felt like a Lilliputian in the land of humans, when 
compared to the rest of the people on this list.  Suddenly, I now 
feel like a Lilliputian in the land of giants.

	I've been away from this stuff for far too long.  I guess it's 
time to force myself to start doing some actual code (for the first 
time in ten years), just so that I can begin to brush off some of the 

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