Ultrix support for bind 8.2.1

Simon Burge simonb at thistledown.com.au
Tue Aug 3 03:19:13 UTC 1999

Is there any interest in fixing the Ultrix support for bind8?  With
8.2.1, I've got something that compiles and seems to work ok for the
limited testing I've done.

Most of the work was in updating some of the files in port/ultrix, and
a little bit of ugly goo to get named to link without hacking on the
Ultrix libc resolver routines.  This last bit I've just got in a local
.c file for now and contains one line functions like:

	void putlong(u_int32_t src, u_char *dst) { __putlong(src, dst); }

I'm not sure where the "right" place for these are - only named needs

It only works with gcc for now - the Ultrix preprocessor barfs on a

	#elif USHRT_MAX == 0xffff

that I can't reproduce with a simple case yet.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to run with bind8 long term (we've got
a few support scripts that are bind4-oriented), but at least getting it
compiled lets me start to evaluate things...


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