Hints zones besides "."

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Tue Aug 10 03:58:49 UTC 1999

Aesthetically speaking, I prefer stubs to hints.  When Mark Andrews first
implemented stubs he also convinced me that it ought to be possible for a
stub zone to track its nameservers -- so if there is already a backup file
then its contents are resolved into the "masters" list and the "masters"
list in the conf file are ignored.  This would allow the root cache file
to automatically track changes in the root name server set, for example.

Pretty much as soon as we have TSIG working for QUERY, we'll do this.  (At
the moment it's easy to spam named with constructed replies from a middle-
man during its boot time root search, and I wouldn't want this kind of MiM
attack to cause invalid data to overwrite valid data in the "stub" backup

So I guess this is a vote against expanding the use of "hints" in this way.

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