logging documentation/feature issues

Tom Limoncelli tal at research.bell-labs.com
Tue Aug 10 21:06:24 UTC 1999

Documentation suggestion:  Please add an example of channel's "file"
option's options.
Without any examples, it took me (as Pooh would say, "I'm a bear of
little brain") a bit of time to figure out the syntax based on the
current docs because the syntax is a little different than in other

This works:

channel mainlog {
                file "/var/adm/bindlog" versions 20 size 3M;
                print-time yes;

I was trying things like:
		file "foo" {
			version 20;
			size 3M
		print-time yes;

and other things too ugly/stupid to admit in a public forum.


The other thing that I noticed was that the logs get rotated on start up
even if they haven't reached the max size.  This means that while
debugging a configuration recently I was not able to ever grep the right
log file.  "The right file" was constantly being renumbered.  It wasn't
fun. Could the rotation algorithm not run on startup?


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