DDNS, Notify and IXFR

Jim Bound bound at zk3.dec.com
Thu Aug 12 18:41:01 UTC 1999

>> I am going to ship it with tsig and for just org scope.
>it seems to me that stateless addrconf is an org-scope thing, and
>that dhcpv6 will be needed for visitors.

I think that would be wise.  Two customers I have spoken with in fact
said this to me.  They don't want routers giving visitors or even
conference room laptops addresses via stateless in IPv6 even in the org.

But another would argue that if it you are using IPsec with stateless
addrconf then that provides security for that environment.

The way I envisioin IPv6 is that there will be lots of knobs that will
be useful to different kinds and types of users.  As a vendor I have to
supply all knobs as the IP stack and et al (DNS, DHCP, etc) is
horizontal to all markets a platform could be sold into.  For Dual DNS
in the DMZ I think using stateless would be insane or for the Firewall.


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