named reconfig bug???

Paul Vixie vixie at
Wed Dec 8 00:17:53 UTC 1999

Cody.Gibson at writes:

> 			while (evGetNext(ev, &event, EV_POLL) != -1)
> 				INSIST_ERR(evDispatch(ev, event) != -1);
> 			INSIST_ERR(errno == EINTR || errno == EWOULDBLOCK);
> Have I found a new bug? Is OS/2 doing something radically different then all
> the other ports that exist? Before I attempt to fix this, I need some
> feedback on how it works/doesn't work on other ports.

well, that second INSIST_ERR can only trigger if evGetNext() returns -1.
if evGetNext() can return -1 without setting errno, then that's a bug.
can you look into how that might be happening?  note that this is why
your name server is crashing -- it's trying to exit with a stale errno.
one of the questions you need answered is "why is it exiting now?" and
the clue is in that -1 return code, not really in the staleness of errno.
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