Why does 'nslookup ls' -work- , try it and see .

Andrew Brown atatat at atatdot.net
Tue Jul 20 19:21:24 UTC 1999

>>       But why the
>> 	heck have such a low (close to '.') actually be a host ?
>You'd have to ask the LS administrators about that. Have you tried?
>LS is certainly no the only TLD with an A record. The same is the
>case for DK (Denmark), for instance.

indeed!  a quick survey shows that:

   ai (anguilla) has address
   cx (christmas island) has address
   dk (denmark) has address
   gh (ghana) has address
   im (isle of man) has address
   ky (cayman islands) has address
   ls (lesotho) has address
   md (moldova, republic of) has address
   nf (norfolk island) has address
   pf (french polynesia) has address
   tj (tajikistan) has address
   zr (zaire) has address

it's not that useful really, except perhaps to circumvent microsoft's
"intranet" security level.  :)

ps - i do enjoy pinging ls though, since then i know the program
works.  ;-)

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