i don't have a working ultrix system any more -- need some help plz

Simon Burge bind at thistledown.com.au
Tue Nov 9 06:23:31 UTC 1999

I'm a bit behind in this list - sorry for the late(!) reply.

Paul A Vixie wrote:

> can someone who does, please let me know the ways in which bind fails
> to build on it?  even though ultrix cc isn't completely ansi and its
> library isn't completely posix, the fact remains that it's "close enough"
> and that all of my early bind work was done on ultrix, and i'd like to
> not declare it unsupported.
> see below.  patches -- i need patches.  preferrably tested ones.

I've had 8.2.1 working on Ultrix with some ugly glue, and it basically
seemed ok (ie, I had no failures).  However, I seemed to get the
impression that having Ultrix support in bind8 wasn't a desired feature,
and dropped the ball on prettying up my changes.  If you want, I should
be able to get 8.2.2P3 working and send in some patches.


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