BIND 8.2.2-P2 is ready for private (bind-workers only) testing

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Mon Nov 8 22:59:07 UTC 1999

thanks, this is #889 and will be part of P3 (which will be released publically
later today.)

> >>this will be a very short testing cycle since we're already running it here.
> >> 877.	[port]		freebsd + KAME need a different Makefile.set
> >>			see INSTALL notes.
> >	If you do care about this case (freebsd + KAME), we'd better have
> >	similar Makefile.set.kame for openbsd, netbsd and bsdi.
> 	Here's a better fix for this (define MISSING_IN6ADDR_ANY).
> 	We do not need port/freebsd/Makefile.set.kame any more.
> 	build confirmed on:
> 		netbsd141+kame
> 		freebsd228+kame
> 	Pls apply the following patch and remove the following files:
> 		port/freebsd/Makefile.set.kame
> 		port/freebsd/Makefile.set.nokame
> 	(it may be better to improve probe_ipv6...)

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