8.2.2 T5A

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Thu Oct 7 08:38:24 UTC 1999

this is an alpha-grade release, which means it hasn't been tested much.
i'm releasing it to bind-workers ONLY -- please do not share copies, or
report any problems with it to forums other than this one.

it builds on bsd/os and tru64.  it has the new dynupd api, so i'd be
especially happy if folks who are calling res_nupdate() from their own
applications (like dhcp) would take a look at this.  note that while
res_update() hasn't changed its signature, res_nupdate() has (and you
have to #include <res_update.h> now) and res_nupdatesigned() is gone
(subsumed by the new res_nupdate().)  the old code wasn't compatible
with the rfc's in the way it went searching for zone cuts, and once i'd
fixed the zone cut logic problems it turned out that everything else had
to change a little bit too.

there are also a bunch of NT changes from the nortelnetworks folks --
if anyone wants to tell me how that's all looking, i'd appreciate it.

see ftp://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind/src/testing/private/t5a for the tarballs.
(note that you will have to use the whole path, all at once.)

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