8.2.1 ndc restart trouble

Mark D. Baushke mark.baushke at solipsa.com
Mon Oct 11 17:28:56 UTC 1999

Hi Jon,

>Oct 11 10:57:46 gsvlfl-ns-1 named[11292]: There may be a name server already running on [].53
>At this point, named is running, but it's not answering requests.  Is it
>possible that doing an 'ndc restart', and then doing another while named
>is still sending/receiving NOTIFY messages could cause the new named to be
>run before the old one is fully dead, resulting in the new one not being
>able to listen on the same interfaces/ports?

It sounds like a timing problem. The new named has been started before
the old one has fully died and relinquished the duties of listening to
port 53.

I have not seen the same problem with 8.2.1 on my machine (I am
running on RedHat 6.0 with kernel 2.2.9). However, my setup is not the
out-of-the-box RedHat 8.2.1 RPMS (I am using a chroot()ed setup for
bind). My /usr/sbin/ndc is a shell script that runs the ndc.real
program after playing with checking to see if it is chroot()ed or not.

	-- Mark

PS: For what it may be worth, I did add a '$TTL 8H' to all my zones,
but I have been using bind 8 for a long time now.

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