bind 8.1.2 vs bind 8.2.2 on SunOS 4.1.X

Ian G Batten I.G.Batten at
Wed Oct 27 18:37:28 UTC 1999

[[ Platinum Beta people, I think the Sun DNS people were talking about
shipping Bind 8.latest with Solaris 8, and 8.2.2 is the latest.  I
suspect that Solaris machines are disproportionately likely to be on a
net with a 4.1.X machine... ]]

I've taken my eye off the bind ball over the past twelve months, but I
need dynamic update so I've started in on moving to 8.2.2 from (largely)
8.1.2.  My Auspex doesn't like it: the ancient resolver that ships with
SunOS 4.1.4 and is used by ypserv appears to choke.

My Auspex is called ``''.  I'm using a resolv.conf that
lists nameserver, domain and has the `hosts' yellow
pages map empty to redirect through to the DNS.

Using 8.1.2, ``ypmatch foo hosts'' and ``ypmatch hosts''
both work.  Using 8.2.2, if I have the domain line in resolv.conf, I can
only look up unqualified names, with it out I can only look up fqdns.

Bumping the resolver tracing up a bit, for the case of ``lookup, domain set to'' I see a query for
``'' come in, for which a no is sent back, but
I then don't see the expected and so on.  Under
8.1.2, I do.  I'm lost at this point, but I presume there's a difference
in the nature of the null response which causes the resolver to give up.
For a non-existant foo, I think the pattern is clearer.


Version = named 8.1.2 Wed Nov 18 15:24:54 GMT 1998
        igb at
conffile = /etc/named.conf
datagram from [].1086, fd 36, len 48
req: nlookup( id 134 type=1 class=1
req: found '' as '' (cname=0)
ns_req: answer -> [].1086 fd=36 id=134 size=110
datagram from [].1086, fd 36, len 43
req: nlookup( id 135 type=1 class=1
req: found '' as '' (cname=0)
ns_req: answer -> [].1086 fd=36 id=135 size=111
datagram from [].1086, fd 36, len 37
req: nlookup( id 136 type=1 class=1
req: found '' as '' (cname=0)
ns_req: answer -> [].1086 fd=36 id=136 size=99
Debug off

Now, I run 8.2.2 without touching any other files:

Debug level 1
Version = named 8.2.2-REL Wed Oct 27 16:56:40 BST 1999
        igb at
conffile = /etc/named.conf
 [[ much select debugging deleted ]]
datagram from [].1118, fd 36, len 54
req: nlookup( id 142 type=1 class=1
req: found '' as '' (cname=0)
ns_req: answer -> [].1118 fd=36 id=142 size=54 rc=2
datagram from [].1087, fd 22, len 37

And that's it: game over from the resolver's point of view.

Any thoughts from anyone?  As things stand, this blocks a move to 8.2.2
until I get SunOS 4.1.4 out of my network (which is happening in a few
weeks) but I also need to test against Solari with old resolvers (I have
production 2.4 machines).


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