BIND 8.2.2-P5 - is it the end of the line for BIND 8?

joecwell at joecwell at
Thu Jan 20 17:56:22 UTC 2000

BIND 8.2.2-P5 has been out for a while now (since 11/99).
Is there another patch release (P6) or formal release
(BIND 8.2.3 or BIND 8.3) in the works?  Or, is 8.2.2-P5
the last we'll see for the BIND 8.x.x series for quite
some time?

Just wondering; because I'm about to enter a large porting
effort to the IBM AS/400 and would wait for the next code
base if it was going to be released soon.

Joe Caldwell, IBM Corporation, AS/400 Division
Internet e-mail: joecwell at

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