"AccessWest.com": Windows 2000 disables remote netscape clients

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Mon Jan 31 05:48:07 UTC 2000

this probably is not as bad is it sounds (stuart would have found it in
microsoft's own testing, if so).  but just to get the word out, "in case"...

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Subject: Windows 2000 disables remote netscape clients

Hi Paul,

Were an ISP using Bind 8.2.2P5 on linux and were experiencing
problems with people using windows 2000 dns clients.

We see unnaproved updates in our syslogs from these people
and this is the exact time that we start getting calls from
dialup customers complaining that their Netscape Browsers
quit working.  I have experienced this personally.  I can confirm
this at least 5 times.

Windows 2000 enables DNS client by default,  so
I would imagine that many isp's may start reporting
this problem.

I hoping that you can make this known to the rest of the world
that DNS admins should be looking for unapproved updates from people
on their own ip's.


Robert Dalton

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