BIND8's useless messages

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Mon Jul 17 16:56:26 UTC 2000

i'm pretesting 8.2.3-T6B on some local systems.  one said, seconds after start:

... named[18417]: " IN MX" points to a CNAME (
... named[18417]: " IN MX" points to a CNAME (
... named[18417]: ns_forw: query( All possible A RR's lame

these aren't *completely* useless since by correlating them to sendmail's logs
it's often possible to find out why a given piece of e-mail is still queued (or
why it bounced).  but the configuration error is in the authority zone, not the
recursive server who detects it.  i've had heartburn about this for a whole
decade now (bind 4.9 added these, thanks to gdonl and others, in ~1989).  can
8.2.3 finally make them "debug level" or some other optional non-/var-polluting

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