8.2.3 - maybe a problem

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Thu Jul 20 16:16:29 UTC 2000

    Date:        Wed, 19 Jul 2000 23:46:07 +1000
    From:        Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
    Message-ID:  <200007191346.XAA01229 at drugs.dv.isc.org>

  | I would have just converted the while to:

You mean the one I deleted?   What would that have achieved?
Unles you're worried about needs continually being set, and so
no events getting processed at all (which I think would be
pretty unlikely) I'm not sure what good processing one event
(if it exists) before processing the needs would do?

Is there some reason I'm not seeing why the needs (if there are
some) can't just be processed first?  They should be rare (comparatively).

In any case, as I said, munnari's nameserver has been behaving itself
just fine since I made that change, and the one you suggested earlier.
(Well, I have also disabled recursive queries, and I'm now getting 12MB
an hour in syslog entries .. but that's an entirely different issue - the
noise syslog makes about lame delegation, cnames in MX's, ... is all
invisible amongst the "recursive query refused" messages)


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