TLD nameservers that also cache?

Brad Knowles blk at
Thu Jul 6 19:00:44 UTC 2000

At 7:47 PM +0100 2000/7/6, Jim Reid wrote:

>  Aside from the problems of updating RFC103[45] and getting the new
>  code written and deployed, I don't think this would work.

	While it wouldn't help anyone who didn't implement the new code, 
I think I can safely say that if we had this feature in a more 
up-to-date version of BIND that we would implement that very quickly. 
So, at least we'd be okay.

>                                                             What about
>  non-terminal names that don't have a zone cut? Suppose
>  existed but there was no zone?

	This is part of why I was thinking that this feature should be 
configurable, and to default at only reducing the questions to the 
root nameservers and to the gTLD & ccTLD nameservers (none of which 
should be caching anyway), and then from that level down go back to 
the old behaviour.

>                                            And what about intranets that
>  have their own internal roots and could be playing by different rules
>  about where Nth-Level domain servers handle recursive queries? Maybe
>  they don't have any top-level zones at all and delegate,
>, etc directly off their own root zone?

	Right, this gets back to the configurability of the behaviour -- 
you might want to completely turn it off in certain circumstances.

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