8.2.3 - maybe a problem

Brad Knowles blk at skynet.be
Thu Jul 13 10:41:01 UTC 2000

At 7:17 PM +1000 2000/7/13, Robert Elz wrote:

>  I caught munnari in this state earlier today, it had accumulated about 10
>  zombie children when I found it, and had a total of about 40KB of UDP data
>  queued on its interfaces (ie, the select() calls in evGetNext() would never
>  have failed to find something).

	Would this explain the problems I've seen from munnari, when 
trying to get reverse DNS resolution within the 193.in-addr.arpa zone?

	I keep getting SERVFAIL errors for a number of servers for this 
zone, and I just don't understand why and how that could be happening 
-- not with what is effectively a TLD for reverse DNS resolution.

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