BIND8's useless messages

Andrew Brown atatat at
Tue Jul 18 01:31:14 UTC 2000

>In the MX case, debug level is fine.  Most MTAs will do a gethostbyname()
>and follow the CNAME anyway.  The only real breakage will generally be with
>the receiving MTA which won't be able to prune itself from from the MX list
>and might loop incoming mail, but that's probably the zone owner's problem.

i'm certainly not opposed to the change (since i read my name server
logs using a script which it splits up the log stuff into related
chunks and i end up with 12 pieces instead of one long convoluted
log), i would like to point out that sendmail (as an example of a
widely used mta) doesn't necessarily do gethostbyname(), particularly
since it needs the mx records which *aren't* returned by
gethostbyname().  others may be the same.  since i've written my own
async resolver, i've had to deal with chasing cnames, etc, and

sendmail also annoys other things that i do...and i'm not done fixing
that yet.

>I'm less inclined to hide NS breakage, since this is trickier to debug.

hear hear.

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