BIND8's useless messages

LaMont Jones lamont at
Wed Jul 19 05:56:14 UTC 2000

>   hplms26# sendmail -v
>   Jul 18 10:48:00 hplms26 named[24978]: Malformed response from
>       [].53 (out of data in final pass)
>   Jul 18 10:48:00 hplms26 named[24978]: mail name "administrator"
>       (owner "") IN (response from [])
>       is invalid - rejecting

The first time I remember seeing this, it was quite, umm, interesting,
since the first thing that was done to figure out what was going on was
a dig for MX RR's (which worked, since the SOA was the bad RR), at
which point the mail started working (because the ANY query returned
only the MX RR's which was enough) for a while (until the MX RR's
expired), and then broke again.

Quite entertaining to watch from a distance, but not any fun for the


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