Source code changes in BIND 8.2.2 patch 5 vs. 8.2

McNair, Dan DMcNair at
Thu Jun 8 20:55:43 UTC 2000

Hi.  Can anyone help me figure out what source code has changed between BIND 8.2 and BIND 8.2.2 patch 5?

Specifically, I need to know where the following CERT advisories have been addressed:

	-CERT Advisory CA-99-14 Multiple Vulnerabilities in BIND

Have they been addressed solely in the applications/commands (named, nslookup, named-xfer, etc)?  Or, have the libraries (resolver libs, nameserver libs) been changed as well?

The more specific the information that you can give me, the better.  It is especially important that I know about any changes to the libraries, otherwise we are going to have to compare the two code versions ourselves.  :-)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dan McNair
DG/UX Software Engineer
Data General, A Division of EMC Corporation
Research Triangle Park, NC

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