DNS reply ADDITIONAL SECTION data with MX lookup ?

Brad Knowles blk at skynet.be
Wed Jun 21 18:33:19 UTC 2000

At 11:59 AM -0600 2000/6/21, LaMont Jones wrote:

>  However, the root nameservers only allow one IP per hostname, which means
>  that if you query a registered-but-dual-homed hostname against the roots,
>  then you'll get back partial information.

	Yes, but then you shouldn't really be trusting glue records from 
the parent (delegating) zone, should you?

	I mean, you have to have them in order to break the Catch-22, but 
it is my understanding that you should treat them as untrusted and 
re-verify them from the authoritative nameservers (if you really care 
about that sort of thing).

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