Requesting message catalog design preview

guyard at guyard at
Wed Jun 21 19:36:23 UTC 2000

As we planned on customizing named messages (at least adding our usual
message IDs), we'd like to get some advance description of the message
structure and related code changes coming up later for use of message

To illustrate the question and take one shot at a possible answer, I'll
take what I believe to be a typical case. Here is the first indirect
message invocation from named/main.c (main):
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
          ns_main_earlyfatal("isc_app_start() failed: %s",
The quoted string represent a message made up of a hard coded string
"isc_app_start() failed" and a variable string resolved through
isc_result_totext(result), the latter string presumably retrieved from
isc/result.c or dns/result.c (*text[]). The combined string is later passed
on to isc_log_write().

With an external file message catalog, we would expect the total message
(fixed and variable strings) to be referenced through the catalog. Is that
what ISC has in mind? Will that scheme (or a different one) then replace
the current one described above?

Bernard Guyard

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