BIND 8.2.x interaction with DHCP servers

David R. Conrad David.Conrad at
Tue Jun 27 03:26:58 UTC 2000


> >>And if so, are you using the DHCID RR or the earlier KEY RR
> >>approach for storing the 'client-identifier'?
> >Neither, the KEY RR hack is a real BAD idea and if anyone has implemented
> >it he/she should be taken out and ..... ;
> Ok ... but if it's neither, then what are people who are
> tying their DHCP server updates to BIND 8.2.x using?

On the issue of the DHCID RR, I have to take the blame for some of this --
there is some internal discussion on the best way of handling the DHCID RR
situation with differing opinions on the DHCP side of the house and the DNS
side of the house.  We had hoped to have a revised draft soon after the
Adelaide IETF, but other priorities got in the way.  I will do what I can to
insure that a revised draft is issued.

However, this is somewhat academic for BINDv8 -- we have no plans to add any
features to BINDv8 following the upcoming release of BINDv9.  The only updates
to v8 will be bug fixes.


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