Remaining issues holding up BIND 8.2.3?

David R. Conrad David.Conrad at
Wed Jun 7 15:39:23 UTC 2000


> Just out of curiosity, what are the issues that remain with the
> BIND 8.2.3 release which are preventing it from being formally
> released?  

There are two bugs with the NT port that we're aware of.  I have told Paul not
to cut final until those issues are resolved.  Unfortunately, we don't have a
lot of NT folk here, so we've been hoping folks with NT experience on
bind-workers or bind-winners will help us out.

We've also be hesitant to cut 8.2.3 final due to continuing complaints about
security issues with 8.2.2-P5, however in all cases, we have been unable to
find any evidence that the problem is in 8.2.2-P5 (typically, people have
installed 8.2.2-P5, but have not killed off the running 8.2.1).

> What's the current thinking on when 8.2.3 will
> become official?

Hopefully, within the next week or two.


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