Current Issues with 8.2.x on Windows NT (was RE: 8.2.3)

Kevin J. Dunlap kevind at
Fri Jun 30 22:44:50 UTC 2000

At 07:46 AM 06/30/2000 -0700, Larry Tremblay wrote:

> > > 1.  Files missing from "/src/port/winnt/BINDInstall"
> > >         directory (Critical compile-time error)
> > >
> > >         Could whoever originally contributed that
> > >         portion of the NT port possibly help?  I
> > >         believe that it was NortelNetworks folks...
>That would be me.  I don't work with DNS as my primary job
>anymore, so the time I can spend on it is somewhat limited.  I AM
>on it though.
>Having said that, BINDInstall builds just fine for me.  To see if there
>a difference, I just downloaded the tar off the ISC site and opened it
>in MSVC.  BINDInstall builds clean for me in release and debug, straight
>out of the box (so to speak :)

What version of MSVC/DevStudio are you using Larry?
What version of MSVC/DevStudio are the people having problems using?


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