Interoperability with QIP

Steven M. Bellovin smb at
Wed Mar 1 13:09:44 UTC 2000

In message <200003010934.BAA33683 at>, Paul A Vixie writes:
> It looks like the TCP connection could get stuck in FIN_WAIT_1 forever if
> they didn't ACK our FIN.  Many TCP implementations limit the amount of
> time that can be spent in FIN_WAIT_2, but it's not obvious from looking at
> BSD or Linux code that they implement a timer for FIN_WAIT_1.
You don't need special code for that; the normal dead connection code should 
take care of it.  That is, if you don't see an ACK to something you've sent -- 
the FIN bit, in this case -- in 10 or so minutes, the kernel should declare 
the connection dead.

		--Steve Bellovin

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