Two quick resolver questions

Vladislav Yasevich vlad at
Fri May 19 17:19:25 UTC 2000


I did not add any functionality patches.  The patches were to fix
some of the CERT advisories in BIND 8.1.2 (specifically sprintf() with


P.S.  I did implement something similar to no-check-names with a slight
extension. In my version, users may specify a set of characters they want
to be valid.  They can also turn of name checking completely.
I will be adding support no-check-names in the next rev.

Cricket Liu wrote:
> Hi, Vladislav.  Thanks for replying!
> > Well, Compaq ships both.  In the 4.0 stream of the OS (4.0D, E, F...)
> > we ship the the 4.9 based resolver.  In the 5.0 stream, we ship the
> > 8.1.2 resolver with some 8.2.2 P5 patches.
> May I ask what the 8.2.2 patches you included do?  Did you implement
> any of the 8.2-era options, like timeout, attempts, rotate and
> no-check-names?
> cricket

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