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At 11:11 AM -0400 2000/5/4, Nguyen, John wrote:

>  	What maximum # of DNS queries per second or min (with and without
>  DNSSEC) and minimum number of users to be simulated for performance testing.

	Years ago (summer of 1997?), I architected and helped build a 
caching nameserver farm for AOL (I think we had around five million 
users at that point), using multiple copies of BIND (each listening 
to a separate IP alias on the one interface in the machine), running 
on four processor/4GB RAM Digital Alpha 4100 servers running Digital 
Unix 4.0 (something-or-another, I don't recall the exact version of 
the OS).

	We timed each copy of BIND at being able to handle around 4000 
queries per second, and each machine at being able to handle around 
16,000 queries per second.  There were four machines in that farm, so 
it should have been able to handle around 64,000 queries per second.

	The CPU load was very low, so low that I don't think we ever 
tried measuring it.

	To the best of my knowledge, this was (and still is) the largest 
nameserver farm in the world, and continues in operation to this day. 
However, I'm sure that friends and former co-workers at AOL could 
provide more details than I can with regards to what they are 
currently using.

	I am told that in the intervening years, both Sun and HP have 
improved their network libraries to the point where they should be 
able to keep up with this level of performance.

	What more do you want to know?

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