DNS & multicast

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Dec 3 02:13:50 UTC 2001

% Are there any plans to make dns/named work with multicast or does it
% work already ?  This would be both from the client end (being able to
% put multicast addresses in /etc/resolv.conf) and from the server end
% (being able to make it listen to multicast addresses and maybe use
% them as NS records).  It occurs to me that using multicast groups
% (which you just add a named to) and addresses is somewhat more
% convienient than having to update > 1 /etc/resolv.conf (or should be O:).
% Darren

	We did this as the principle task for the TBDS project.
It worked (quite well actually) but we ran into any number of 
concerns raised by some AD's and WG chairs so the material never
saw the light of day inside the IETF.  A greatly modified version
might be found in the current mDNS drafts authored by Bernard
and others from Microsoft.


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