bind8 resolver library search order and ndots issue

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Mon Dec 10 17:04:15 UTC 2001

Continuing to get to the bottom of the search order problem
as witnessed in the getaddrinfo() problem posted previously.

I've noticed that bind 8.2.5's own resolver library does this at the end of the
search suffix loop with res_nsearch(): ( in src/lib/resolv/res_query.c )


         * If the name has any dots at all, and no earlier 'as-is' query
         * for the name, and "." is not on the search list, then try an as-is
         * query now.
        if (statp->ndots && !(tried_as_is || root_on_list)) {
                ret = res_nquerydomain(statp, name, NULL, class, type,
                                       answer, anslen);
                if (ret > 0)
                        return (ret);


There seems to be a discrepency between comment and code here, as "statp->ndots"
is not the number of dots in the name , its the value of the ndots option in
Since it is almost always >0, the first test is always true and more or less
redundant, and an
"as_is" lookup is thus always performed.

If the comment field is what was meant to be coded, I think this should actually
as below, so that a trailing as_is lookup is only performed if there are some
dots in the name.

      if (dots && !(tried_as_is || root_on_list)) {

Having the "root_on_list" variable means that one can always force backwards
by appending "." to resolv.conf's search order.

This, again, would have fixed by getaddrinfo() problem by avoiding the root
level lookups which
hung whilst my internet connectivity was out of action.

The corresponding code in glibc's resolver library does this:

        /* if we have not already tried the name "as is", do that now.
         * note that we do this regardless of how many dots were in the
         * name or whether it ends with a dot.
        if (!tried_as_is) {
                ret = res_querydomain(name, NULL, class, type, answer, anslen);
                if (ret > 0)
                        return (ret);

which completely fails to allow one to ever disable the root level lookup.



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