[BIND-BUGS #4082] [823] forwarder setting with NetBSD/sparc

David Fay (LMI) David.Fay at eei.ericsson.se
Wed Feb 14 12:53:22 UTC 2001

I have tried unsubscribing via the webpage www.isc.org twice but to no avail. Can I be taken off this list. My e-mail is david.fay at eei.ericsson.se

David Fay

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Subject: Re: [BIND-BUGS #4082] [823] forwarder setting with NetBSD/sparc

> > I'll recompile with -O0 for laughs.
> > 
> > --sjg
> 	And the results were?

Oh _sorry_, yes recompiling with -O0 made the problem go away.


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