drafts of write-ups on 9.2.0rc8 perf

Rick Jones raj at cup.hp.com
Thu Nov 8 00:38:45 UTC 2001

Brad Knowles wrote:

>         I would expect them to be very similar, but did you have a
> multiprocessor Blade 1k system or a uniprocessor model?

alas, it is but UP. 

btw, do folks think it sufficiently important to have an 8.2.5 datapoint
in the compet doc for me to tryand get one done this evening? the blade
1750 I have evaporates in the morning. is it sufficient to have
comparisons on the 9.2.0rc8 stuff?

i have bitten the bullet and hand edited the apropriate makefiles to get
PBO and thus a "full" binary on UX. data collecting as I type this. it
even triggered a bit of "sed" learning after I did it the first time
with 20ish makefiles by hand...


BTW, if anyone has a "favorite" platform and are in the area of
Cupertino, CA and wants to bring it by, I'd be more than happy to plug
it into the rather simplistic test setup I have here. 

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