looking up rr.com associated ptr and a records (problem?)

Andrew Brown atatat at atatdot.net
Sun Sep 30 20:49:54 UTC 2001

>>  even though ns1.rdc-nyc.rr.com *will* respond with aa set.
>	Okay, technically not lame since ns1.rdc-nyc.rr.com will respond 
>authoritatively.  IMO, this is still a serious delegation problem and 
>needs to be corrected.


>>>	Looking at the 76.108.66.in-addr.arpa zone, I note that all of
>>>the delegated nameservers are lame:
>>  sort of lame, but not, in a weird way.  they don't set aa, but the
>>  ttls don't decrement either, as you usually get with a non-auth
>>  server.
>	I would call that a lame delegation.  Maybe there's a better term 
>for it, but it's the best one I know of.

i'm sort of holding fast to the idea that a lame server can't answer
queries it ought to, but instead just refers you backwards or
sideways.  this has answers...that lack the aa bit.

>>  not quite a comprehensive report, nothing about the lack of aa bits on
>>  responses, and i still have no idea why my named doesn't like them.
>	Not an exhaustive report, no.  For example, the tool also doesn't 
>re-query for the data to see if any of the TTLs have decreased, in 
>which case the server is handing out cached glue.  But still quite a 
>bit more detailed than we had otherwise seen.

well...yes, but i don't think it turned up anything useful.

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